Blood, Sweat & Tears

Posted: Nov 16 2013

I’ve been struggling the past week or so with random thoughts and ideas running through my head for the next blog post – all while battling off a wicked cold that’s pretty much kicked my ass.

But last night, in my standard not-so-glamorous Friday night fashion I tuned into one of my faves, Shark Tank.  After seeing an entrepreneur on the show that simply has done everything right but was still walking away with NO DEAL {imagining the let down} I felt compelled to write this post today.

This one’s for the dreamers…

For any out there who have been contemplating jumping ship from the corporate world to starting their own business, take these tidbits with a grain of salt but at the same time – remember they’re worth their weight in gold.

Starting and maintaining a business can be the most mentally, physically, emotionally, and financially taxing thing one could ever embark on. If you are dreaming, wishing, or hoping for the best – stop now.  I used to be a dreamer.

When going into a business – do it for the love.  When money, time, and patience all run out, you better be damn sure you still have passion for doing what you’re doing. After all, they say the best things happen right when you’re ready to throw in the towel.

Don’t do what you think the world needs – do what you love.  The world needs more people who do what they love

When seeking advice – Listen carefully to those whom have succeeded AND failed. Ignore those who have only had success – they have no clue what it feels like to walk in shoes that hurt. I keep this Michael Jordan inspo on my desktop in case I need a reminder – I often do.


Don’t assume you can buck the trend {This one’s important} – We’ve ALL worked out of our garages. We’ve all bled, sweat, and teared up from time to time. There is no magic pill and no perfect formula – other than WORKING YOUR ASS OFF. Starting and growing a business will ALWAYS take more time, more money, and more perseverance than you think.  Plan accordingly.

Nothing hurts worse than failing. Don’t confuse “not succeeding” with “failing” as just because you haven’t reached success, it doesn’t mean you’ve failed. Just keep going. This is something  I struggle with periodically.

As of today, I may have not fully succeeded – but I count my lack of quitting in moments of failure as my measure of personal success. 

Keep Dreamin’


p.s.  special thanks to all who have read & shared my posts. any comments or feedback are always welcome :)


  • Posted by Sarah on February 16, 2014

    Hi Geoff, it was really awesome to meet and talk to you today at the market! I love that you are still out there with all the “little people”, doing your thing. I came across this latest blog and thought, wow, how fitting. From my point of view, your success is phenomenal! It’s all relative, as the say. In some ways, I feel completely overwhelmed and over my head. But then to hear you say you still struggle with your business and to keep going… that helps me put things back into focus. Thanks for being so accessible to those of us who love to create awesome jewelry. I love your work!

  • Posted by Mark Juiris on November 18, 2013

    Great stuff Geoff.. all true.

  • Posted by Barbara on November 17, 2013

    Thinking about and appreciating the “shoes/pain” metaphor.
    “Walking in shoes that hurt” — temporary discomfort which can actually be a catalyst for stepping forward, in new, perhaps better shoes! By their nature, shoes are for a time (they wear out), and are place or purpose specific; flip flops, steel toed boots, even stilettos. If feet hurt, due to worn out or outgrown shoes, it’s an opportunity to go shopping . . . It’s never too soon to start dreaming of the next new pair.

    Thanks Geoffrey Scott for this thought provoking new blog post!

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