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Posted: Jan 20 2015


From misty gray mornings to sunny afternoon bliss, San Francisco is a destination that can keep you on your fashionable little toes when it comes to packing for a long weekend. Having had the pleasure of living in Pacific Heights for nearly 6 years in my late 20's, watching San Francisco style evolve and transform from one neighborhood to another can make it a little more difficult to pack comfortably for your surroundings.

In my opinion, second only to New York's level of sophistication, neighborhood sub culture nd yummy eats, it has more challenges than NYC poses. In general, when it's cold in NY, it's cold - and when it's warm, it's warm. This is not the case in the city by the bay. In a mere 7x7 square miles, the climate can be all over the place - and so can the neighborhood vibe.

In putting this {blog} post together, my goal was to provide you a casual-chic look that will allow you to fashionably fit in whether you're having Bloodies in the Golden Triangle {aka Marina}, an afternoon shopping in Union Square, or small plates in the Mission District. You see, as distinct as the weather patterns are from hood to hood - style changes just as quick.

Keeping in mind that you may cross borders over the course of the day, the versatility of this yuppy-hipster button down from Rails is that perfect blend in with the crowd and still look fab kinda shirt. Cover it up for those colder moments with the faux leather biker jacket from BB Dakota and you're set. The bonus - at only $70 for the coat you won't go bananas when someone spills their fluffy $20 cocktail on you down at the Clift Hotel. The classic skinny's from Current Elliott and clean, modern-esque accessorizing will get you by just fine no matter where you're headed.

But the real winner here.....THESE BOOTS! I first encountered these babies at down in San Diego at the Nordstom in Fashion Island and fell IN LOVE! The soft and supple vintage leather paired with a cozy shearling interior are pure UGG's comfort - but the zipper side accents and heavy antiqued buckles and hardware will insure you're hiking those SF hills in style.


The Look


It's All In The Details


1. Hunter Button Down, RAILS, $128 {shop}


2. The Stiletto Skinny, Current/Elliott, $228 {shop}




3. Midnight Ice White Agate + Diamond Drop Earrings, GEOFFREY SCOTT, $1750 {shop}

4. Vice Cuff Bracelet in Onyx, GEOFFREY SCOTT, $195 {shop}

5. Saffiano Cuir Bag In Argilla, PRADA, $2730 {shop}


6. Valerie Shearling Strappy Boot, FRYE, $478 {shop}


Out Late? Might Get Chilly


Odette Faux Leather Jacket, BB DAKOTA, $70 {shop}




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