Journey OR Destination?

Posted: Dec 20 2012

This past Monday, Buster and I began our trek back home from San Francisco following 6 days of in-store and private trunk shows.  It was a VERY long week, full of ups and downs, old friends and new, and some great family moments.

Our drive from Encinitas to Benicia where my folks live was a cool 6 hours on the way up. The traffic gods and clouds wouldn’t let us go so easy on the way home.  Let’s just say I had a good amount of time to reflect about my week, life, and where I was headed.  Buster was sawing logs the whole way home ;)


Being exposed to non stop media attention around the horrific events in Connecticut, I was eager to get home and hug my kids.  It had been a week and all I really wanted was my family.  I got to thinking that no matter how many curve balls life can throw us – no matter how bad the finances can look on any given month – or how many times I can get my face punched (not really) on a cold sales call…we get to wake up and see our kids in the morning.  This is something those parents will never have again and I have the deepest sympathies for them as they endure this unimaginable pain.

After closing my retail operation in 2011, the long road to recovery is still being driven.  There are days where I just plain want to quit – and there are those great days where it seems the stars have aligned.  But I clearly have not felt enough, learned enough, or experienced enough to reach the success I set out for.  So I guess I’ll just keep on truckin’ and remember that…

“success is a journey, not a destination.” – Arthur Ashe


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