Sustainable Jewelry

Geoffrey Scott is committed to producing the finest designer fashion jewelry line using only eco-friendly materials, ethically sourced gemstones, and responsible manufacturing.  


By using recycled sterling silver, we decrease the global demand for newly mined silver and diminish the environmentally and socially destructive effects of the metal mining practices. Because precious metals can be recycled repeatedly with no degradation in quality, they are a naturally renewable resource.  Geoffrey Scott reclaimed metals come from numerous post-consumer sources, including existing jewelry, industrial-use metals, and electronics components. Every piece cast is made with 100% recycled and re-refined precious metals. Because our reclaimed silver, silver, and gold are re-refined back into their pure elements, they are of identical quality to newly mined metals.


Handled according to strict protocols and great prudence, fair trade gemstones are tracked back to the cutting center, and whenever possible traced from mine to market to ensure each step of the process is ethical and documented and that workers who produce these gemstones have reasonable work hours and humane work conditions.  In an effort to reduce the impact on the environment, fair trade gemstones are mined with minimal damage to surrounding vegetation. Geoffrey Scott designs utilize a selection of fair trade gemstones, from chalcedony and quartz to gorgeous diamonds and sapphires, each representing a long-standing pact to safeguard the environment and uphold responsible values.